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49 day health reset

Learn how to permanently lose
weight without ever feeling hungry,
while regaining your true happiness
and freedom.

What you will achieve

  • Lose weight

    Learn how to lose weight permanently, without the need to count calories.

  • Never feel hungry

    Discover a new relationship with food that never leaves you feeling hungry.

  • Be happy

    We focus on the brain and not the belly, stimulating both happiness and freedom

Add life to years

With Health Reset, rather than fighting your hormones, we teach how to partner them, rewiring your primal instinct, so that weight loss becomes virtually effortless. The Reset changes your relationship with food, so that you never feel you are giving anything up. Instead it changes the foods you desire and crave. This facilitates a feeling of true freedom, happiness and adds life to your years..

What the doctors say

Dr Assem Malhotra

Author of The Pioppi diet

This RESET is the most comprehensive course on both diet and lifestyle that I have ever seen and speaks a language that really connects.

Dr David Unwin

Expert on Sugar and Diabetes

Throughout your HEALTH RESET, you will discover the shocking truth of which foods turn into sugar once inside the body.

Dr James Goolnick

Award Winning Dentist and Author

Want to discover what really causes tooth decay and how to avoid it? Then be sure to take the HEALTH RESET.

Dr Jason Fung

Author of The Obesity Code

Eat less, move more just doesn’t work, that’s a fact. It’s the reason why Steve Bennett was fat for so many years and why is now furious.

Dr Malcolm Kendrick

Learn How to Look After Your Heart

The world of diet and health went mad seventy years ago, Steve’s approach is a refreshing ray of sanity. Enjoy your RESET.

Dr Shan Hussain

Author of The Big Prescription

There are three pillars to good health and this RESET covers them all in real detail.

Additional health benefits

While Health Reset focuses on helping participants return to their desired healthy weight, this journey to wellness also provides many additional benefits. Here are some of the most frequent experienced healthy side effects.

  • Better sleep: there are two sessions dedicated to getting a better night sleep. Plus, much of the advice given throughout the course, contribute to a better night sleep.

  • Happiness: pleasure and happiness are not the same thing. Sadly few get to appreciate the difference. The course steers you along a path of discovery.

  • Reduced depression & anxiety: while there are no specific sections on depression and anxiety, many participants report a feeling of calmness and living in the now.

  • Better skin: as participants learn to identify nutrient rich food; the increase in vitamins and minerals helps improve skin.

  • Never again feel hungry: within just weeks of beginning the reset, participants are able to skip meals without ever feeling hungry.

  • More energy: as the taste buds of participants gradually change, their desires for energy rich healthy foods, lead to an increase in energy and vitality.

  • Reduced risk of chronic diseases: many diseases in the modern world are interrelated. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes type 2, Alzheimer’s and Obesity are all viewed by many leading doctors to be related to insulin resistance; which is the main is caused by food choices. This is the heart of your Health Reset program.

Dr Campbell Murdoch talks Health Reset

Host Steve Bennett explains Health Reset

Olympic Gold Medalist James Cracknel on Health Reset

Nutritional Therapist Poppy Hadkinson on Health Reset

I've been on the same journey

Course Host

Steve Bennett

When my seventh child Louie was born, I was obese, unhealthy and approaching my fiftieth birthday. Like all parents, I want the best for my children and just as important for me, I want to be around to see them grow up, and to be in their lives for as long as possible. I decided to step back from my businesses and spend my days researching health. I now want to pass on what I have learnt to you. This RESET, with the help of over 50 brilliant doctors, authors and experts, will day by day, step by step, help you lose your weight permanently. Some of the videos are long, like over an hour, but if you make the commitment to fully engage with them, I will make the guarantee that you will lose weight, or get 100% of your money back!

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What you get

  • 49 Day course

    Each day, receive an informative video (or chose audio only), which over 7 weeks, step by step, helps you both permanently lose weight and reset your health.

  • Welcome pack

    Before your first course day, you will receive your Welcome Pack including an Interactive Journal, a cookbook, 3 health wristbands, 30 day supply of supplements and your membership card.

  • Week 7 assist pack

    Before your last week, you will receive your Final Week Pack, which includes a Health Book written by your host, 21 Fiber Rich Drinks and a further 30 days of supplements.