• Why is it a 49 day course? Can I do it quicker?

    Many people have received such a lot of misinformation about health, that it takes time to pass on the correct information and to support the participant through the transition. With so much to learn and so many facets to health, if you cram in the learning too quickly, then it becomes difficult to retain all of the information.

  • How long are the videos?

    On average they are about 50 minutes, but some days are longer and others such as weekends (which are optional viewing) are much shorter. You can break the viewing up into sections (the program knows where you paused and it is easy to return back to where you left off).

  • What happens if I can’t watch on a particular day?

    You will gain access to the videos for life. In other words you can catch up whenever you want. Some people actually deliberately replay some of the days and really analyse the learning, fully interacting with their journal before moving on.

  • What happens in the first 2 weeks?

    In the first 2 weeks of the reset everyone is encouraged not to make any changes, but to learn to analyse the food choices they make and to fully interact with their journal.

  • Can I do the reset if I am on medication

    If you are on mediation, after watching the first two weeks of videos, it is important to go and see your doctor or physician and explain the changes you are about to make and to get their advice on how, if necessary, to tailor your medication. This is absolutely critical especially if you are on insulin or medication to lower blood pressure.

  • Do I have to follow a strict eating plan? Or count calories?

    No. We offer lots of advice but then it is important for you to then see what works best for you. And there is no calorie counting.

  • Are there any other charges?

    No, once you sign up you are enrolled for life!

  • What age is this Reset applicable for?

    From 18 years to 108! If you are older, you probably don’t need our advice! While the advice is good for even younger teenagers, due to the supplements included in the package, it is not therefore recommended for under 18s.

  • Even if I don’t want to lose weight is it useful for me?

    Absolutely! The key thing we aim to teach is how to identify which food is healthy and how to spot unhealthy food. While we make it easy for people to lose weight, by following the principles we teach, you can also use it to maintain and even gain weight if you desire.